How to Create a Custom WordPress Theme - Full Course 2022

Learn how to create a custom WordPress theme. You will learn a process that you can use to convert any HTML/CSS template into a WordPress theme. We will also learn how to create custom widgets with Elementor page builder in the later part of the course.
#wordpress #theme #cusotm-theme-development #elementor

Github: https://github.com/robicse11127/herobiz-theme

00:00 Introduction
02:55 Theme Structure
13:50 Start with Index, Header, Footer
22:32 WordPress Post Loop
26:00 Implement single.php
37:05 Implement page.php
45:55 Implement archive.php
58:27 Implement content-none.php
1:01:24 Implement search.php
1:07:30 Implement 404.php
1:09:09 Implement comments.php
1:18:24 Implement functions.php
1:36:59 Implement sidebar.php
1:43:06 Misc Improvements
1:54:04 Wrap it up
Web design
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