How To Convert Your Website Into A Progressive Web App (PWA)?

How To Turn Your Website Into A #ProgressiveWebApp (PWA)?
If this is your question, don’t miss out on this #PWAtutorial.

We will show you the 3 ways to convert your website to make it more powerful.

1. PWA plugins/ extensions
The first solution is integrating a #PWA extension into your regular web. It’s easy to execute, and your website will have several PWA features after only a few hours.

2. PWA themes and templates
You will integrate a PWA theme or template into your website to convert it. This approach will change your website’s architecture from monolith to headless. The original store is replaced with a PWA storefront and connected to the backend via an API.

3. Custom PWA development
This is the way to go suppose you demand your PWA built with customized design and special functions.

Regardless of the approach you choose, the final result may be in the hand of the #PWAdevelopment service provider you work with. That’s why you need a reliable team like Tigren to handle this.

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