How to contribute to the Remix run framework | Remix Web Framework | Part - 8

Remix Web Framework | How to contribute to the Remix framework | Part - 8
In this video, I have explained how we can contribute to the Remix. It will help us to understand the remix architecture and how remix works under
the hood.

⏰ Timecodes ⏰
0:00 How to contribute to the remix project
0:17 Do we really need to contribute opensource project
2:07 How to contribute at the code level
2:17 Keypoint for contribution
3:37 Code walkthrough of the remix project
6:57 Conclusion

How to contribute to Remix?

We can easily contribute to Remix. We can contribute in any
form like Make changes in the docs, Bug fixes, Log bugs,
Share knowledge for Remix, Promote remix.

- Setup codebase
- Make code changes
- Submit MR
- Code review by Remix team.
- Remix team will merge it.


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