How to build a static website from scratch in HTML and CSS - 1: HTML

This client is a non profit organization for the advancement of music teaching and students. This live website can be found here:

Here's the video where I go over how to set up LESS on your system and how it works:

In this video I go over structuring the HTML and how to plan a website's HTML structure for mobile first and thinking ahead on how it will play out in desktop. Structuring you html properly with intent and planning will set you up for less headaches down the line and make building out the website much smoother. Plus, clean and organized HTML structure is crucial to making a high quality website that is easy to maintain and lasts for years.

Here's the starter kit I use in this video that you too can use for all your projects moving forward.

And here’s the code I use to add dark mode to your website in under 5 minutes and how to use it:
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