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In this video on How to build a portfolio website using react, we are going to create a portfolio website using react js. This Portfolio project will help you understand deep concept of React like react router DOM, material UI and many others. With the help of this portfolio app you can land a good job in the field of front-end. Lets create a this React Portfolio Project and learn more about ReactJS. Below are the topics we are going to discuss in this React Js projects for beginners tutorial:

00:00:00 - How to build a portfolio website using react js?
00:01:27 - Installation
00:07:01 - Header Component
00:50:00 - Main Component
01:07:57 - Contact Component
01:08:58 - Section Conponent

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What is React js?

React is a JavaScript library that is used to build mobile and web applications fast and interactive. It is an open-source, reusable component-based front-end library of JavaScript. React is a combination of HTML and JavaScript. It provides a robust and opinionated way to build modern applications.

Features of React.js

After explaining what React.js is, this part will cover its features.
JSX - JSX is a syntax extension to JavaScript with react. It is used to describe how the UI should look. JSX comes with all the features of JavaScript.

1 - Virtual Document Object Model (DOM) - This defines how documents are accessed and manipulated on a web page.
2 - Performance - There are several ways to speed up the react application by using virtual DOM because it reduces the re-render time.
3 - One-way data-binding - Information flows in one direction. React receives information through arguments and passes it by return values.
4 - Extensions - React goes beyond simple UI and has many extensions for complete application support.
5 - Debugging - Facebook created a small browser extension to make react debugging easier and faster.

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