How To Become UX Designer In 3 Month With No Experience?

how many of you wants to know "how to become ux designer?" in this video I told you 8 experimental ways that more than 2630 people used to become ui ux designer.

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ui ux design has became one of the most popular jobs among people and it's obvious that eveyone wants to become a ux designer. so I've got a really good news for you. if you want to become a ux designer, you can do it at home by watching this video.

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00:00 intro
00:26 your "become ui ux designer" journey starts with this
02:24 then you should do this
03:12 after that, you must do this
3:48 this one is super important in ux design process
05:08 your important job starts from here
06:32 this is the second super important job
08:10 this is the tip of your life...

thank you for watching...
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