How to Become Product Marketing Manager | Product Marketing Career

In this video you will know how to become a Product Marketing Manager and what it takes to start the career in Product Marketing Management field.

You will study what are the responsibilities of PMM, what foundation is required. How to expand the knowledge and what skill to have in order to get the job

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Courses that were mentioned in the video:
- [Udemy] Product Marketing:
- [Udemy] Digital Marketing:
- [Udemy] Ui/UX Design:
- [EdX] Harvard's CS50x:

- [Youtube] My Management Playlist:

0:00 Introduction
1:05 Who is Product Marketing Manager
2:21 Product Marketing Basics
3:11 Digital Marketing
4:22 What is the most unexpected skill?
6:44 UI/UX Design
8:24 What additional skills to have?
Web design
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