How To Become A UX Designer In 2022 (A 7 Step Guide)

Looking to become a UX designer in 2022? This is the video for you! Learn the 7 essential steps to becoming a UX designer, from someone who's made the career change with CareerFoundry!

Maureen Herben (@UX.Collection), a product designer, and CareerFoundry UX design graduate, will be sharing the 7 essential steps and key learnings that you'll need to start your UX design journey today!

Maureen will guide you through the timeline and requirements needed to transform you from complete beginner into a job-ready UX designer within a realistic timeframe.

In this recording of a recent live event, we’ll cover the following key points:

(00:00) An Introduction to Maureen Herben and her background

(05:05) Step 1: Ask yourself: "Is UX design for me?"

(12:10) Step 2: Learn about UX design methods and processes

(16:35) Step 3: Structure your learning with a credible UX course

(22:18) Step 4: Practise as much as you can

(26:40) Step 5: Learn the tools of the trade

(29:22) Step 6: Network with other designers

(34:22) Step 7: Generate some projects for your portfolio

(41:00) Q&A session

(01:01:41) Round Up and outro

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