How to Become a Successful Web Designer | Start a web design business (REAL TIPS)

In this video, I am sharing with you How to Become a Successful Web Designer, so you can be well on your way to start your web design business with ease.

I will be sharing what things I have learned over my 10 years of experience. When we talk about Things New Designers Must Know, or the best way on how to become a web designer from scratch, or even just how to become a successful web designer at all.

There are a lot of qualities and traits a web designer must learn, that we are just not taught at college.

Here I am running you through the REAL tips designers must know in order to start a web design business properly.

Figure out how to be a successful web designer.

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Whats up guys! I am Tristan Parker, a web and graphic designer from Exeter, UK. I have been designing for over 10 years and have become obsessed with the wonderful world of vlogging! So I have taken the leap to produce my own content to share tips, knowledge, opinions as well as my individual design processes and what my life is like as a designer. Hopefully I can inspire or help those looking to either build their own website or start a web design career of their own, If you have any questions or want to learn more about coding as a designer, leave me a comment and I will get back to you.


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