How to become a front end web developer? Complete Roadmap to be the best!(Hindi) HTML CSS course ?

Learn HTML, CSS & JavaScript As a new developer, it can be difficult to find out a roadmap to become a front-end developer. With so much advice and views on this subject, it's easy to get lost in this vast world of libraries and frameworks. But the ultimate reality is that it is just HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT. Yes of course there is more to it and hence the video.

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learn HTML css javascript
You even can’t imagine becoming a key player of Front-End Development by skipping or ignoring these three technologies – HTML, CSS & JavaScript. These are the building blocks of front-end development. All in all, HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is concerned with the structure of the web page whereas CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) looks after the styling of the web page. Moreover, if we talk about JavaScript, it is the client-side programming language that is used to implement interactive functionalities such as animations, audio/videos, maps, and many more on the website

2. Get Familiar with Front-End Frameworks
Once you’ll get done with the HTML, CSS & JavaScript, now you need to learn several Front-End frameworks as per your requirement and convenience. In general, the Front-End frameworks are libraries of already written codes and these frameworks make the front-end development easier and efficient due to various features such as reusable components, etc. If we particularly talk about CSS, Bootstrap is the most popular framework in this domain. Moreover, there are various other renowned frameworks such as Angular, React, Vue, etc. that can be taken into consideration for frontend development.

Also, you don’t need to learn every single framework out there instead you’re required to pick out the relevant ones based on various factors such as project requirements, market trends, ease of learning, etc.

3. Learn Other Relevant Tools & Technologies
Now it’s time to dive deeper into the ocean of Frontend Development and learn about several other crucial tools and technologies. In this context, you need to have a sound knowledge of the Version Control System that allows you to track and control the changes in the source code more conveniently. Some of the most popular version control systems that can be taken into consideration are GitHub, Mercurial, Beanstalk, etc. Also, you need to learn about Responsive Design that is concerned with the compatibility of web page UI with different devices such as computers, phones, tablets, and others. It is a more crucial aspect in Frontend Development as it is directly linked with the User Experience.

Furthermore, you need to know about Command Line as well along with the GUI functionalities. You’re also required to get familiar with several Browser Developer Tools that help you to enhance the quality of User Interface. Several other prominent tools and technologies that can also be taken into consideration are Testing & Debugging, CSS Preprocessing, Web Performance metrics, etc. Indeed, getting proficient with these technologies will help you to become a competent front-end developer.

4. Build Projects
As they said – Education without application is just entertainment!! So now you need to apply all your learnings & skills of front-end development in the practical world. You can start it by building several mini-projects such as a Quiz Game, To-Do List, etc. and then switch over to projects like Audio Player, Chatting Platform, and others. It will give you some much-needed hands-on experience and the utmost exposure to frontend development. Also, while creating projects, you may end up with various new things or concepts that you might not learn from any book or tutorial.

You’re also strongly recommended to contribute to open-source projects as it will not only enhance your skills but will also build your credibility and reputation that eventually can help you to get some worthwhile career opportunities.

5. Build a Portfolio
It is one of the most crucial aspects if you’re looking forward to starting your career as a Frontend Developer. Whether you’re searching for a job in an organization or planning to start something on your own, you need to showcase your previous work to the recruiters or clients to get noticed. Moreover, especially for beginners, you can start it by creating a simple static website for yourself where you can list your completed projects along with the tools & technologies you work upon and your contact details. A well-created portfolio will surely help you to demonstrate your skills in a better way that will provide you an edge over others.

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