How to Become a Freelance Web Developer | An Announcement Video

Join a channel and a community to learn more about becoming a freelance web developer, from a person who went through the same process himself.

Hi there!

I started my freelance web development journey at the beginning of 2020. Now, after 2,5 years later I have a sustainable and satisfying freelance web development job/business.

You know what they say about learning? Most expensive is learning by living it and cheapest is learning from other's experience. What I am offering here is my first-hand experience on the topic: my journey so far, the pitfalls along the way, the struggles, hardships, etc.

There are a lot of tools, strategies and other stuff that I learned and perfected throughout the way, by trial and error. And I will also talk about my insights on those

Insights on topics like:
- freelance marketplaces, e.g. Upwork
- freelance networks, e.g. toptal
- job brokers
- recruiters
- linkedin

Stay tuned and please spread the word. :) I will plan a live coding workshop in the very near future. To see the upcoming stream notification, please consider liking, subscribing and turning your notifications on.

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