How To Add Breaklines In Existing Surface Using AutoCAD Civil 3d | Adding Breaklines To A Surface

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#Breaklines are line data that can improve a surface in civil 3d. They provide more information to the surface and influence how it is triangulated. Adding a breakline in civil 3dd forces the surface to create triangles connecting the vertices on the breakline. For example, we can create a more accurate surface by adding centerline in civil 3d, the edge of the pavement, top and back of curb breaklines to a surface instead of using points only.
This video shows you how to create/add breaklines to a surface in civil 3d.
Follow each step to complete this exercise.
How to add breaklines in surface using AutoCAD civil 3d.
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Download Practice drawing here for chapter-4, Exercise-3

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Chapter-1: Exercise No-1

Chapter-1: Exercise No-4

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