How the web/JavaScript has evolved over the years

Talks about the state of the web, how developers picked up new JavaScript/TypeScript features or any new techniques that help towards a better web altogether. States facts about the performance of the web and the change over the past three years.
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The session will focus on :
JavaScript, State of Web, Performant applications.

What will you learn from the session?

The talk walks the attendees through the state of the web in terms of the features/tools used and evolved over the years. It acquaints the audience with techniques to make the web more performant

Speaker Bio: Nishu Goel

Nishu works with epilot GmbH on their micro-frontend architecture. She writes TypeScript and Golang at work with her focus on the performance aspects of the existing and upcoming codebases. She is the author of the book Angular Routing (BPB, 2019) and JavaScript chapter (Web Almanac, 2021). Recognized as a Google Developer Expert, and a Microsoft MVP, She loves to share her work at

Social Handle of the speaker :
[email protected]

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