How the Right Customer Journey Can Help Boost Your Sales by Junie

Your customers are already telling you what's not working on your website or app by not buying your products or booking your services. So how do you make sure you're not losing valuable revenue opportunities?
You engage with your potential customers as early as possible so that you build the right flow that will lead to better use of your digital properties and sales.

Did you know that every $1 spent on "User Experience Design" has a $100 return on investment into your business?

Do you currently struggle to:

- Get your website noticed?
- Get your website visitors to find what they are looking for?
- Convert website visitors into customers?
- Grow your business' revenue?

Whatever your issue may be, it's most likely related to a website, app or customer experience that was never designed with your actual customer in mind.

The good news? It's not difficult to turn all this around.
With UX (User Experience) Design, you engage your customers at the very beginning when you're developing your business idea or product.
And you do this by asking a range of crucial questions that will let you build the right product right website, the right app and even the right kind of business for them.

At this event, you’ll learn:

1. What UX (User Experience) Design is
2. What is the reasonable return on investment of UX Design for your website or application to succeed and power a sustainable business?
3. How does UX (User Experience) Design work in practice?
This is the first of three Webinar Series to help your business grow with your users in mind.

This workshop is brought to you by Business Station and AusIndustry under the Digital Solutions Program.

Junie is the Founder of Propel Innovations.
Propel Innovations is a UX (user experience) Service in the Design and Development industry to propel SMBs and startups to eliminate the guesswork out of people’s enjoyment of their website and mobile application and build a successful business customers keep coming back to. She started this business in 2020.

Junie has a diverse professional background, having worked in Banking, Education, Hospitality and Not-for-Profits in Canada, India, Mexico, China and Australia. Her passion for innovation, entrepreneurship, strategy and technology is the driving force behind Propel Innovations.

Junie loved the concept of design-thinking to develop programs that were - actually- useful for people, when working in service development and innovation; as well as, in IT, for a Not-for-Profit.

Junie completed her course in UX Design with Udacity in 2021 and combined it with her passion for entrepreneurship to propel businesses to become future-proof with their website and mobile application products. Propel Innovations won Silicon Beach's November Virtual Pitch in front of a large tech startup community. Junie sat as a judge providing a UX lens into the Code Competition at Charles Darwin University's IT Code Fair.
When she's not working on Propel Innovations, Junie's out training for her next Ironman70.3.

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About Digital Solutions
The Digital Solutions program is built to help small business owners develop their digital marketing skills, from social media to building a better website, making online sales, creating Google and Facebook Ads, and more. All with the advisory and guidance of experienced industry experts who keep you on the right track and help you learn with step-by-step support and check-ins.

In almost four years we’ve helped over 15,000 small businesses in QLD, WA and NT to become more confident with digital marketing. With generous support and sponsorship from the Australian Government, you can access over $1,000 value in business advisory, training and online resources for only $44.

At this event, we’ll discuss how our program works and how we can help you to build a more resilient business.

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