How Much Should You Charge For Marketing ?

How Much Should You Charge For Marketing?

Whether you are a freelancer, looking for an answer on how to price social media marketing services or a small business owner/company, finding out how to price your business or how much to charge for your services, finding the best pricing strategy can be difficult.

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In this video, Dylan and I tell you how to price your digital marketing services and encourage you to avoid low prices by charging your worth. With our marketing advice, not only do we encourage and tell you how to increase your businesses prices but provide some insight into niche marketing and why you should be doing it.

0:00 - How Much Should You Charge For Marketing?
0:40 - How to Find Your Niche Market
1:13 - How to Charge More for Your Services
2:05 - Why You Should Charge More for Your Business
3:06 - Niche Market Research

Niching within your business and deciding the right pricing strategy is difficult, particularly if you can't afford to fail. In this episode of The Fearless Business Podcast, special guest, Dylan Ogline, aims to change your mindset by encouraging you to charge more and showing you how to target specific audiences through niche market research. The best marketing advice comes from successful entrepreneurs who integrated many marketing practices and have failed before reaching their end goal. This video aims to help eliminate a fearful mindset and instead provide you with advice on how to price your product/service.

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