How much DSA for BACKEND Development or WEB DEVELOPMENT ??

How much DSA for Backend Development?? - This video is all about how much DSA you need to know to land a job as a backend developer or Django developer. DSA or Data structures and algorithms are the most important topics asked in interviews these days but a lot of people are not comfortable with DSA. SO I have told you all the things how much DSA you need to know as a Backend Developer or a Django developer.
As a software engineer, you may have heard enough times from your professors how important Data Structure and Algorithms are. And chances are you skimmed through those classes to move forward to the more exciting stuff. And, once you get there, you realise you don’t need much of the DSA stuff to get going. There are pre-existing libraries to take care of the daily work. Many developers will suggest that you don’t need to know about Data Structures and Algorithms for web development. But they couldn’t be more wrong!

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