How much do UX Designers make? (My Salary History)

In this video, I share all the ups and downs of my career as a graphic designer and product UI/UX designer. When I got started, I never would have thought my career could take me where I'm at today. After a turbulent start and lots of rejections, I transitioned my skills to UX and increased my salary fast! If you enjoyed this video, please don't forget to subscribe! ♥ https://www.youtube.com/sarabrunettini

My graphic design and product UI/UX design jobs:
0:58 Graphic Design Intern at adsGlen (2014/2015)
2:34 Graphic Design Intern at Artefice Group (2015)
3:22 Graphic Designer at CREO (2015)
4:13 Graphic Design Intern at Tela (2015-2016)
5:05 Graphic Designer at Beyond Skin (2016-2018)
5:45 Graphic Designer at TPR + Freelancer (2018/2019)
6:48 Product Designer at Crunch (2019-2021)
7:28 Product Designer at FreeAgent (2021-present)
7:57 Reflection on salaries

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