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Responding to a request from an audience member, in this video, I'll go over UX designer pay rate in Silicon Valley/Bay Area with some of my own real offers as well as ones from other people. I will also give you a breakdown of a typical pay structure for UX/UI/product designer here and share a few sites of where else you can find more salary information on your own.

The total compensation typically breaks down to a few components: base pay, stocks/RSUs/options, sign-on bonus, end-of-year bonus, and relocation bonus. It will be the same structure for almost all roles (as far as I know, but I could be missing something), including UX designers and software engineers.

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0:00 Intro
0:44 Agenda and salary FYI
1:41 Part 1: UX intern salary
1:39 MuleSoft UX internship salary
2:27 Pinterest product design internship salary
3:27 Part 2: UX full-time salary
4:03 Fitbit product designer salary
6:05 Glassdoor
8:05 Blind
9:22 Summary/Salary snapshot

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