How important is it to learn HTML in 2022?

Is HTML worth learning in 2022 with this new wave of frontend frameworks, and libraries that seem ready to revolutionize web development forever? The answer is, absolutely.

HTML is still and always will be the language that runs the web. It is simple and lightweight and there is really no reason to change that. It's easy to expand and extend and the most modern frameworks like Svelte, VueJS, Ember, all rely heavily on HTML as their core language.

In this video, I want to raise awareness among beginners who might just get started with web development and feel that HTML is not worth it. JavaScript is cooler, ReactJS is even better and I don't have time to waste with HTML.

Think again because HTML is the language to use to create any website whatsoever. With just a little HTML and a bit of CSS you could be a prolific web developer and start working as a freelancer, get that money in, the experience. And luckily enough you don0t need much. Contrary to many other programming languages that require months, even years to be fully mastered and used at their greater potential, HTML is not a programming language, which means that the logic is way simpler (mainly because there is no logic - business logic
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