How I Made $100,000+ From Fiverr | Secret Tips & Tricks

In this video, I will share my experience of making over $100,000 from Fiverr. And I will also share lessons I have learned from my experience.

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Right mindset
Your offer
Why Fiverr?

Think about the ideal customer
Setting up your profile
Have clarity on pricing
Setting up gig

Find leads - outreach - follow up
Generate leads on Fiverr

How to communicate effectively with prospects on Fiverr?
Response them quickly
Understand what your prospect needs
Answer their questions
Ask questions to them to get more clarity
Zoom call is a better way to communicate
How to keep your customer happy?
Do not over-promise
Know what you can delivery
Over delivery

Know fiverrs terms and conditions.
* Fiverr Algorithms?
* Make sure your respond early
* Happy customers
* Customer reviews
* Customer Tip
* Private review
* Returning Customers
* Delivering on time
* Low cancellation rate
* Higher conversation rate
#1 - Having a strong desire
#2 - Understand it may take time
#3 - Do not give up at the first sign of defeat
#4 - Do not see anything as failure, take it as feedback
#5 - Ask yourself, how you can improve
#6 - Build good habits (sleep, eating healthy, exercise, reading books, spending time with positive people.
#7 - Understand cause and effect
#8 - Integrity
#9 - Have a vision, know your goals, know what you want
#10 - Visualize your goals
#11 - Stay consistent
#12 - Understand the compound effect
#13 - Find a mentor

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