How I learned to code in 4 MONTHS - Medicine to Web Developer // My Story

Join me on this story of how I went from wanting to be a Medicine student to becoming a Web Developer (and currently a Creative Developer). This is how I took initiative to teach myself how to code. I did attend University, but that had no impact on my knowledge.

I personally think University is not required to be an amazing Software Engineer. What is requires is the tips I mention in this video!

I spent a total of $29.97 on my web developer education courses.

Chapters for easy navigation:
0:00 intro
0:21 my first intro to code
1:05 my medicine story
2:00 what made me pick CS
2:28 my first computing class
3:06 my first ever coding project
3:44 my first coding exam
5:07 university and my choices
5:48 focusing on myself
6:11 how i found my path + courses
7:23 don't make these mistakes
8:45 PRACTICE!!!
9:24 moral of the story

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