How I got $85/hr as a Web Developer - NO DEGREE

The more time goes by, the more we all realise as a society that school is not essential for to get into most career. Now a day, dropping out of college and choosing not to go to university does not mean that you will become unsuccessful. For example, all programing jobs I can think of that are out there are jobs that require skills you can learn fairely easily by yourself online.

With covid came the rise of online learning and working from home and I hope it'll stick. I hope it'll stick because it's one step closer from people to stop paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for useless degrees.

People need and deserve to know the truth. You deserve to know the truth.

I never intended to become famous. I just wanted to share and help young programers as much as I could. But once I started sharing the story of how I got a job that paid 60 $ an hour as a web developer after taking online courses for 6 months, people got inspired and I started to see people's whole life change around me.

You deserve to know how you can do it too.
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