How does it feel to be a UI/UX designer and what skills are essential?

UI/UX design course at Beetroot Academy:

Easy to use, friendly interface, visual aesthetics — that is what users usually expect from any digital product. If you have these feelings using mobile applications or websites — be sure, a brilliant work of UI/UX designer is behind that.

00:00 Welcome to the Beetroot Academy
05:41 What is UI/UX design and where do we meet it in everyday life
09:23 Working as a UI/UX designer
10:21 Understanding customer needs
14:37 Creating storyboards
17:38 Customer journey maps
22:58 Brainstorming
24:25 Creating sitemaps
26:38 Discovering user flow
28:55 Wireframes and prototypes
32:15 Mockups: how your design will look like
33:50 Is coding knowledge necessary to work as a UI/UX designer?
35:12 How to build a portfolio and why is it crucial for employment
41:05 A formal education degree: do you really need it to find a job in UI/UX?
42:48 What are the main skills for designer
45:35 What knowledge can help you to become an outstanding designer
47:44 How to become unique in UI/UX?
50:35 Most loved and hated parts of the profession
52:50 Is UI/UX designer responsible for the final interface of the product?
55:29 Creating a mockup: how does it look like
1:33:48 Project strategy: do you need to know it to create a perfect UX design?
1:35:20 Studying at UI/UX design course at Beetroot Academy: creating a portfolio and getting your first job offer
1:37:49 How an prepare to the interview with your future employer
1:40:18 What skills you can develop to succeed in UI/UX
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