How are Websites developed? Use HTML-CSS To create Frontend | Create Website with coding

How Websites Are developed? How to create/develop a website with coding? For absolute beginners | from beginner to advance | how website works? Learn Website development from start to end. how to Use HTML and CSS to create your own website?
All these things I will explain to you in this video.

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Introduction 00:00
How a website works 00:16
How HTML is used in websites 00:40
How CSS is used in websites 01:04
HTML and CSS 01:54
Frontend And backend 02:04
how to use HTML and CSS for creating websites 03:18
How to learn HTML and CSS 06:52
Html CSS resources 07:00

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How to create/develop a website? For absolute beginners | from beginner to advance
Html Css Js
• How website works? (with an example of the website)
o Take the example of a google website and tell them how HTML and CSS are. How they combined and worked as a website
 Take a closer look at this website
o Frontend designing part
o Backed part
• Introduction
o Exactly How websites are created and how they work and also how you can create your website with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. all these things we will learn in this video with nice examples and in a practical way.
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• How websites are created and work
o On this google website you can see some text… like these are text.. and images like this one and a field or we can say box in which you can write something… and some buttons like this one and this….
o So this is the layout of the website- in this website we need these texts and a box for input text and buttons. so this layout we can create with HTML – HTML means hypertext markup language. (show search on google and show HTML). So, all website layout means- text, buttons, etc.. are created using HTML.
o Now here you can see that this text is on the right side and the color is black. And these texts are in middle these are in the bottom and they have different colors. Also, this box is not very simple. These corons are rounded and have some effects when we click and these buttons also have different designs and colors. So basically this is styling. Like setting the alignment of text and buttons and changing colors and adding effects. This is the styling part. And we can style websites using CSS. CSS means—show in google….
o So, basically with HTML we create elements and layout of the website, and then using CSS we style all these layouts.
o So, basically this is the frontend part. Frontend means the website that users see. This frontend we can create with HTML AND CSS.
o But if we search for something on google then it shows us results.So, according to our search, these results change. Google uses its algorithms on backed for showing us results according to our search because we can’t do this in front end. Backend means
o So for connecting backed to frontend we use JavaScript and also for adding logical things on frontend we use javascript.
o So, basically in this way websites are created
o And after creating the website we deploy this website code on the server. By dealing with that code we can activate our website on the Internet and anyone can use our website.
• How we can create our website
o Let me show you now, an example of this very basic website so, that you can understand it better.
o So, basically this is the website. This website is created from HTML and CSS. Yes, I know this is very basic. I created this basic intentionally so that you can understand it better
o As I told you layout is created from HTML. So this is the HTML file. All the elements of this website like- the text, buttons, and this image is created from this HTML code. Like from this like we defended this heading … from this line of code we are showing this image. From this line of code, we are showing this button.
o In this way the whole layout of the website is created
o Now for styling these elements we are using this CSS file. From this line, we added this…..
o So basically this way we code and create the website

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