How a website designer made over $80k with her online course in her first year

A few years into creating her website design and development agency, Katie from @RebelandRise knew that it was time to launch a course. She had built out the agency side of her business and had 1:1 clients flowing in, but was ready to create a new leveraged revenue stream and an ‘education’ arm of her company. Working with Gemma, Katie created and launched her signature program, ShowitAll to show other freelancers how to offer Showit website design services.

The response was incredible and Katie had a successful first launch, bringing in over $30k in revenue. Spoiler - at the time of recording, Katie had just wrapped up her second launch and did another $50k in sales!

Tune in to hear the lessons Katie learned during her launch, what held her back from launching a course earlier, a full debrief on her expenses, and where she’s taking her business next.

Follow Katie here:

Website: https://rebelandrise.co/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rebelandrise.co/
Showit Income Calculator: https://rebelandrise.co/income-calc-landing

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