How a mentor helped him switch from Graphic Design to UX | AVP Design at ixigo, Ex. Microsoft

Here is another insightful conversation with the wonderful Ashutosh Parihar, AVP of Design at @ixigo, Ex. Microsoft, and Atul founder at @designerrs_academy, where he shares his journey and gives us valuable tips and input into switching to a rewarding career in UX!


03:23 How Ashutosh started his journey

05:17 Advantage of working in a startup

05:48 First stage of understanding product design

06:13 Advantage of working in the Design agency

07:56 Complete transition to UX Design when he joined ixigo

08:05 worked as UX Designer in Microsoft

08:32 How did a mentor help him grow in UX design.

09:34 Benefits of having a UX design mentor

11:20 Who can be your mentor

13:32 Reasons people move into UX design

16:00 What skills did he receive as a UX Designer

18:29 Comparisons of UI & UX

19:00 Difference of process between Graphic Designer & UX Designer

20:40 Advantage of non-design knowledge

21:50 Experience of being a mentor with Designerrs

23:10 Importance of giving back knowledge in UX Design

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