Hospitality, Food and Beverage Management, Web Design, UI/UX are the best fields of work in Canada

Many industries in Canada have jobs available now. Canadian Employers in Hospitality, Food and Beverage Management, Web Design, UI & UX are all searching for workers. Study and work in these fields and launch your new career!

The work and study programs at Tamwood Careers are designed for students to enter high-demand industries a step above the competition. Industry experts are consulted frequently and contribute to the design of the programs thus ensuring students are being trained in the job skills today’s employers are looking for.

Canada’s tourism sector contributes $127 billion to the economy, supports over 721,000 jobs, and is poised to contribute $218 billion in the next 10 years! It is no wonder that there will never be a shortage of careers in the hospitality and tourism industry. Whether you choose to work in Canada or in any other part of the world, we will teach you the skills necessary to accelerate your career and provide you with life-changing opportunities!

Canada is also very short of skilled workers for jobs in Web Design, User Experience/UX, User Interface/UI, and Digital Marketing. Tamwood offers co-op work and study programs in all of these fields that put students into jobs for minimum of 6 months. With this training, you can launch your career and possibly qualify for immigration to Canada through some of the skilled worker immigration programs.

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