Holographic NFT Card Shader Graph : Blender + Unity 2021 Tutorial

In this video, we will show how to create a holographic shader graph for NFT cards.
Download project files (Patrons only):

The tutorial will cover everything from creating the card model in Blender to creating the shader graph in addition to setting up URP for stencil shader to render a scene inside the card window.

00:00 intro
01:25 Creating the NFT card model in Blender
05:10 Creating the holographic holofoil Shader Graph for the card frame
10:50 Creating the holographic Shader Graph for the logo
14:30 Adding HDRI sky as skybox for the scene
15:15 Adding postprocessing bloom effect
15:29 Adding glow control
16:09 Creating Stencil shader
17:45 Setting up render feature for Stencil to render a scene inside the card window
18:58 Final result and outro

Free HDRI Skies: https://polyhaven.com/hdris

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