Highlight Image With Mouse Move Using HTML CSS JS | Image Focus Effect On website

Learn to Highlight Image With Mouse Move Using HTML CSS and JavaScript | Create Image Focus Effect On website Using HTML And CSS for beginners #htmlandcss #javascript #csstutorial #website

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In this video we will learn to add mouse moving effect on website using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. On this website you can see one image in the background, with a dark color layer on the image. When we move the cursor on the website you can see it removes the dark layer on the circular area around cursor, so that you can see the background image clearly in that circle. You can move the cursor to focus on any area of the background image, and see the clear image.

We have made this highlighted circle using HTML and CSS. and this circle is moving with cursor using JavaScript. We will make this amazing effect for website in less the 10 minutes, so keep watching this video till the end.

Download Image: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UmUev5_Wspn-j_Hh9IdfbLD1wKgAW_fN/view?usp=sharing

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