HBR Press Webinar: Radically Human | June 1 2022

The authors of Radically Human, Paul Daugherty and Jim Wilson, share insights from their new book. Learn more: https://accntu.re/3nujYEj

In the HBR Press webinar, Paul Daugherty, Accenture’s Group Chief Executive-Technology and CTO, and Jim Wilson, Global Managing Director of Thought Leadership & Technology Research at Accenture, discuss how technology advances are making technology more human and how this transformation is changing everything about innovation and strategy.

In their new book, Radically Human, Daugherty and Wilson describe the profound shift toward more human—and more humane—technology.

Daugherty and Wilson also share their radically human IDEAS framework consisting of Intelligence, Data, Expertise, Architecture, and Strategy. This framework provides a unique approach to the basic building blocks of business.
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