Happy New Year!! CircuitPython Serial Commander

Hello, my name is Tim (foamyguy). I am a Mobile and Web App developer by day. In my fun time I've been contributing to Circuit Python libraries for since around the end of 2019

Circuitpython is a version of Python that runs on tiny computers called microcontrollers. It's well suited for folks new to learning programming or electronics. Funding for CircuitPython comes primarily from Adafruit. Please consider purcharsing hardware from https://adafruit.com if you like CircuitPython and want to help support the project. We are always looking for more reviewers and contributers as well. If you are interested to get involved but unsure how we can help get you going!

My setup:
HW: System 76 Laptop - https://system76.com
OS: Pop_OS! Linux - https://pop.system76.com
IDE: PyCharm Professional - https://www.jetbrains.com/pycharm
Shell Prompt: Starship - https://starship.rs
Web design
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