Green Web Development and Sustainable Data Centres (WIST)

The internet has been described as "the largest coal-powered machine on the planet", with IT estimated to be responsible for up to 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions - double that of aviation. Nearly 75% of this is from datacentres and networks.

This event was hosted by Working in Sustainable Tech (WIST), in January. We're a group for people who are either currently working in, or aspire to work in sustainable technology. We host monthly events, with this session focussing on green web development and sustainable data centres. We explored how to lighten the load of the internet on the planet, and discovered more about the skills, tools and opportunities in greener IT. We had two amazing speakers who shared their journey and experience:

Chris Butterworth - Digital Sustainability Director at Yard
Chris is a sustainability driven strategist, designer and developer who helps clients in multiple industries lower their digital carbon footprint without sacrificing on quality by creating stable, high-performance websites and web applications.

Tim Chambers - Founder at Exuvi8
Exuvi8 are a consultancy providing services covering data centre design, procurement, project management and deployment. Their mission is to create high performance energy efficient data centre solutions. Tim leads the strategic direction and development of the company, and is a thought leader on the data centre industry and data centre design.

If you liked this video, or the sound of our group, we would love to have you join us! The link is here: http://bit.ly/working-in-sustainable-tech
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