Gorgeous Dark Blue and Gold Vanity Top Epoxy Tutorial, Make Your Own Marble Look with Your Colors.

This is a tutorial to help you make your own custom epoxy counters. The substrate I am working on is MDF, and my epoxy of choice for ALL of my countertop and table top projects is Stone Coat Countertop, Art Coat. It has amazing UV protection, high heat resistance, and is food safe. After the color coat I present in the video cured, I finish with a clear flood coat, and then Stone Coat's Ultimate Top Coat applied with the satin finish Rhonda from RK3 presents in this video, https://youtu.be/fxQqYXhnOHw

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I am a Chicago based artist, entrepreneur, AirB&B Host, and retired (at least for now) nurse. Besides art, my passions are skydiving, scuba, yoga and travel. Skydiving and scuba have greatly influenced my painting journey. Just like in fluid art, with skydiving and scuba, you have to be in harmony with your surroundings, a collaboration with the elements if you will. If you hold on too tightly, and try to control too forcefully it rarely goes how you wish, but if you work with the paints, air, or water, everything gets easier, and becomes harmonious. And just like with skydiving, I often visualize a pour many, sometimes hundreds of times even before I start, so that I have a clear vision of how I want things to proceed. This allows me to let go go more completely in the moment. If you would like to learn more about me and my art, please stop by my website: BakerModern.art I love doing commissions for people, and creating something perfect for them and their space.

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