Google UX Design Course Portfolio Tutorial

Google UX Design Certificate Courses: Honest Review


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00:00 Intro
00:13 UX Design Portfolio Tip 1
00:34 UX Design Portfolio Tip 2
00:57 UX Design Portfolio Tip 3
01:35 UX Design Portfolio Tip 4
02:12 recommendations for designing UX portfolio
02:57 Example of my website layout for UX portfolio
03:43 Example of my UX design portfolio & case studies
13:10 Outro


You finished the Google UX Course? Now What?! Well today we will be talking about creating a UX portfolio ( TUTORIAL). Don't make that portfolio MISTAKE... Google UX Design Certificate Courses: Honest Review. My First UX Design Portfolio | Advice for Beginners. How to build your first UX Design PORTFOLIO Tutorial. How to create your first UX design portfolio website. Junior UX Designer. My Google UX Design Course Portfolio Presentation. How to design your UI/UX case study | Portfolio tips + detailed walkthrough
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