Google search app design || ASP.NET C# || UI design Mobile view #googlesearch #ui #css #html #custom


Steps to open and complete this project :

1. Open visual studio (if any).
2. Click on create a new project.
3. Then, Choose ASP.NET web application (.NET Framework ) and Click on Next.
4. Enter the name of new project and click on create.
5. Choose Empty project template and click on Create.
After that, A new project window opened.
6. Then, Add new web form from solution explorer.
7. Add new CSS file from solution explorer.
8. Link CSS file with Web form.
9 . Then start writting code....

--Loading Animation style : https://youtu.be/1FPntwlUW_E

--Stylish Login Form : https://youtu.be/6os2bLf6Oqc

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