Google Business Profile Tool : Important For Small Business Marketing ?

Google Business Profile Is An SEO Tool you can't afford to ignore. Todays easy to follow tutorial will show you how important it is to market your small business. You will learn how to setup GBP for a quick start in 2022 Also this https://youtu.be/bR3dIar3xuY will show you how easy is it to optimise your business for Local SEO

Listing of any online business is very important
if you're working from home for business even more important to get listed
Rarely do you get free marketing - This video will prove great value if you don't fully understand Google Business profile

0:00 Introduction to the important SEO tool
1:30 WHAT is Google Business Profile
2:35 WHY you need your business on Google Maps
4:14 WHERE is the Google profile found
5:33 WHEN to setup your business
5:50 HOW to add a business to maps

Later we will show you how to add a business and optimise it to get local traffic, but before we do that let's just answer a few of the questions most of you will have.

WHAT is Google my Business, or recently renamed Google business profile? It helps customers have details they need to contact your business, find out your opening hours and access to products and services. Google is the largest search engine

WHY do you need a GMB? Without it, you're missing out on a great opportunity for free marketing. This in effect is the modern-day SEO (search engine optimisation) Yet still, almost 50% of businesses have failed to see the value and haven't claimed their business profile (3 easy ways to add your business - cover that a bit later)
Yes with the knowledge panel you get over 75% more traffic compared to businesses without it. It even gives you a free website

49% of businesses receive more than 1,000 Views on Search per month
you can add products, services and stand out by optimising
Google will even show you how you are doing adjusting your marketing campaign understanding how the keywords led to you and whether they found you using a mobile or desktop

WHERE is the Google business profile found?
On the search engine / maps and pretty much everywhere Google is used
it helps you for local 3 pack / local results/maps results
If you appear on Google, it adds to customer trust, due to the multiple verification steps

WHEN Can I get my business registered right now. Within 5 minutes you can do that which leads us to how

HOW do you add your business?
For more ways and details head over to https://youtu.be/xwtY6SmZZlI

How easy is it to optimise or SEO? watch https://youtu.be/bR3dIar3xuY

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