Global User Day 2021 - Session #3 - Where are you going IDEA StatiCa?

Watch the first session of the IDEA StatiCa Global User Day 2021.
Topics of the session:
* Development road map of IDEA StatiCa
* Mega-trends in structural engineering
* Connection design, concrete discontinuities, member design
* How can we super-speed structural design?

-------- Content of the video---------------
00:00 Introduction of panelists
03:05 What are the next goals for IDEA StatiCa in Steel and Concrete?
08:25 IDEA StatiCa Member - Next step in treating buckling code-checks - presentedy by Adam Kozousek, Product Engineer @IDEA StatiCa
16:16 Poll - How do you treat buckling?
17:05 Panel discussion + Q&A
23:43 Our response to mega-trends in structural engineering - presented by Martin Jansa, DEvelopment Director @IDEA StatiCa
30:30 Poll - Shareing designs within the engneering community
31:28 Panel discussion + Q&A
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