GitHub Copilot accidentally revealed Elon Musk's private information #githubcopilot #ai #elonmusk

The GitHub community has built an AI bot that is able to answer any questions, and in this video I'll show you how you can use the same technology to build your own bot.
Also We're building a bot that will teach you how to code, but not by boring you with text.
We're going to build our own AI based on the work of Google DeepMind, called AlphaGo. And we're going to do it in a new way, using only images and captions from the web. We call this "image captioning
It will be a demonstration of the use of GitHub copilot, this tool I've been using lately and it really increased my productivity.

Videos connected to testing GitHub Copilot AI to demonstrate its intelligence will be published to our channel "The Pilot of GitHub Copilot." To stay up to speed on our next experiments, subscribe to our channel by clicking below link.

Warning!!! Contents and suggestions is done by Github Copilot and we are not responsible for anything.

Daily video upload!!!
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