git and GitHub complete tutorial | GitHub tutorial | git tutorial | 3 hours (Final Part)

Learn the fundamentals of Version Control through this step-by-step tutorial that will teach you the ins and outs of Git. This course is your finished manual for how Git and GitHub work in an expert group climate.

Git is a free and open source Distributed Version Control System (DVCS) intended to deal with everything from little to exceptionally enormous tasks with speed and effectiveness.

All through this course, you'll find out with regards to Git's center usefulness so you can see how and why it's utilized in associations. We'll investigate both fundamental and further developed elements, similar to branches, pull demand, labeling and combining. We'll show how having a functioning information on a VCS like Git can be a lifeline in crisis circumstances or while troubleshooting. And afterward we'll investigate how to utilize a VCS to function with others through far off vaults, similar to the ones given by GitHub.

Then, at that point, we'll investigate why GitHub is an amazing and well known device among programming engineers, project directors, colleagues, fashioners, and understudies for its adaptability and control. You'll perceive how to deal with a product venture, and how to use Git and GitHub to work adequately collectively.

At long last you'll analyze how to design, follow and execute a task with Git and GitHub, and afterward apply those ideas to certifiable circumstances.

git and GitHub complete tutorial | GitHub tutorial | git tutorial(1st Part)
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