Getting Started with Wholesale: A Guide for Artists & Makers Selling to Stores

This is an introductory video for artists, makers, indie product business owners who are interested in getting started with wholesale (selling your products to stores) without having to spend thousands of dollars on trade shows or agents. If you've recently started wholesale, this may still be a good guide for you to check off the checklist of things you need to have or consider to grow your wholesale business.

*I mentioned in the video I was going to talk about consignment but forgot to include it in the end, sorry! I'll try to include it in a future video!

00:00 Gratitude
01:23 What is Wholesale (example)
03:11 Mindset and Expectations
04:57 Wholesale Checklist 1: Profit margin
07:29 Checklist 2: Cohesive product line
09:39 Checklist 3: Line sheet with example
12:43 Is Faire hard to get in?
13:57 Start local. Don't take rejections personally

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Interested in joining Faire as a buyer? Use this referral link: https://easysundayclub.faire.com/. If you are a new buyer to Faire, you can get $200 off and 1 year of free shipping.

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