Getting Started With Web Development | Web Dev Bootcamp Session 1

Featuring Shivay Lamba (Developer Advocate at Scaler, Ex-Google Summer of Code Mentor) and Raghav Dingra (SDE Intern at BlueStacks and Postman Student Leader).

Throughout the month of December, they are going to host classes to handhold you through the different phases of Web Development and ensure that you know enough to carry out on your own when you are done.

In Today's session we will be covering:-

Version Control Systems
1. Introduction to Git, Github
2. How Git works internally
3. Architecture of Git

Getting started with web development
1. Brief intro to HTML, CSS, and JS.
2. How browser works
3. Developer Tools for Web Developers
4. Setting up a Coding environment

While the instructor will provide all information throughout the YouTube live, the audience interaction will happen on our open Discord Community.

Haven't joined yet? Don't worry, it is free: https://discord.gg/FsJVzddTUN
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