Getting started with NET 6 minimal APIs

The minimal API is totally new to the .NET world? Worried about just another new thing? You shouldn't! We got you covered! In this video we start from the very scratch by creating a new minimal API project. We then worked our way through by creating a full CRUD implementation for a resource. While doing this we dive deep into different concepts like dependency injection, routing, biding to route params, binding to Http params and much more. In the end we got fancy and moved all our usings in one single global usings file. .NET 6 looks great!
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1. Intro: 00:00
2. Creating a new .NET 6 minimal API solution in Visual Studio 2022: 00:37
3. Overview of the minimal API: 02:12
4. Registering the DbContext in the DI container, add migration and update database: 09:36
5. Implementing first MapGet + dependency injection in minimal API endpoints: 14:01
6. Implementing the second MapGet + binding to route params in .NET 6 minimal API: 20:55
7. Implementing MapPost + use static methods as endpoint action: 23:44
8. Implementing MapPut + use instance methods as endpoint action: 32:53
9. Implement MapDelte: 38:20
10. Run and test the API: 40:41
11. Extracting using into a global usings file: 46:36

Mentioned videos:
1. All you need to know about the NEW Asp.Net Core startup model in .NET 6: https://youtu.be/yJH60VFw1MI
2. YouTube Live - Creating a .NET 6 minimal API from scratch: https://youtu.be/U06SgUkIdEU
3. Why do we use DTOs in our APIs? https://youtu.be/Yw9ZP9KYESo
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