Getting Clients Through Social Media and DM’s with Kayla Walters

Ep. 186 - Are you curious, not only about how to get web design clients, but how to get them through social media?

Especially good clients? And without coming across spammy or salesy?

Professional freelance web designer and founder of Good Cheer Web Design, Kayla Walters, is one of my super-star students who has not only learned about how to tactfully get clients via socials but how to do it in an easy-going, organic and smart way!

In this podcast episode, she shares her top tips for getting clients through social media and more specifically, through groups, DM’s and other tactile strategies that are working well right now in web design.

We dive deep into the strategies that are now keeping her booked out months in advance so that you can learn what’s working now in 2022 but more importantly, have the inspiration and guidance to apply these strategies as well!

I can’t wait to hear how this one helps you out :)

P.S. Kayla is someone who I’ve recently been able to get to know better, guide and oversee her journey as a member of my coaching community.

If you’d like to have an amazing supportive community behind you with super-stars like Kayla and have personal coaching (from me), my web design club is open to you now!

You can join today at

In This Episode

00:00 - Introduction
05:06 - Greeting to Kayla
06:52 - Know who is searching
09:56 - Explaining specifics
12:47 - Adapting to niche
16:09 - Transparent funneling
17:47 - Casual personalization
21:14 - 15 minutes of fame
23:20 - Graphic to web design
26:16 - Creating community
30:23 - Social media choices
36:29 - Benefit of hashtags
41:37 - Start somewhere
44:30 - Have fun with social
47:21 - A personal brand
50:39 - Embrace local network
56:47 - Final thoughts

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