Get Psyched for UX (User Experience) Workshop

Want to generate new revenue and gain competitive advantage for your business? Theresa Smith and Kelly Wortham from Search Discovery explain how to use human behavior and principles of psychology to build an intuitive online experience for customers.
Theresa Smith has spent 12+ years specializing in the building of digital strategies through robust analytics and optimization programs and currently works with clients to do the same in her role as Sr. Manager of Optimization at Search Discovery. She enjoys scaling and developing teams in these areas through mentorship and acting as a hands-on practitioner. She credits her success to her strong appreciation for both the qualitative and quantitative data and insights that can be brought to an organization. Theresa’s work philosophies include supporting data-driven decisions, having the agility to pivot, and embracing failure fast. As a practitioner, she enjoys building out hypothesis libraries, spending an afternoon digging deep in an Adobe Dashboard, and exploring new technology and solutions to drive meaningful business results. When Theresa is not at work, she is a Daisy Troop leader, Dance Mom, scheduling director, and chauffeur to her 3 young children.
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