Fundamentals of UX/UI Design Industry

About the event

Topic: Fundamentals of UX/UI design industry
With this group session, you can learn the basics of the UX/UI design industry. You will find answers to the following questions:
- How to get started with UX/UI design?
- What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a UX/UI designer?
- Is UX/UI design for me?
- How to promote yourself as a UX designer?
- How to learn UX/UI design fundamentals?
- What are the key topics to learn?


Jan Mráz — Co-founder & Head of Product Design at Atheros Intelligence
Jan is the main person responsible for the UX and visual aspects of products in Atheros Intelligence. He has a degree in economics from the University of Economics in Prague, which serves as a great foundation to understand the business value proposition and real user needs. By sharing content on Instagram, he built a 100k+ community of designers, developers, and people who just love design, discuss the latest design trends, and best design practices.

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