Full Web Development Course

Full Stack Web Developer Course
100% refundable if you are not satisfied with the course in a day.
What you'll learn:
Create any website layout you can imagine
Support any device size with a Responsive (mobile-friendly) Design.
Add tasteful animations and effects with CSS3
Use common vocabulary from the design industry.
No prerequisite knowledge required
No special ($$$) software is required.
Who this course is for:
Anyone who wants to build websites the "professional" way.
Anyone who has practiced web design as a hobby but is not confident about their skill set in a professional arena.
Experienced developers looking to renew their HTML5 & CSS3 knowledge.
Course Summary:
1. 100+ Tutorial Videos
2. 48 hours of video
3. In 2 days you can able to develop your first website.
4. Tutorial classes in Hindi.
5. Learn and host your website in HTML, CSS & JavaScript.
This is a service of our team to provide the right courses for the persons in need.
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