Full Stack ASP.Net Core 6 and Angular 13 Web Developer - Visual Studio 2022 - Coding Bootcamp

Video Course In Progress - Current Price is ₹5K. Price will increase to ₹15K once it's completed. Coming With 100+ hours of content, with source code, PPTs, Certificate, and lifetime Access.
In INR(₹): https://www.manzoorthetrainer.com/courses/full-stack-asp-net-core-6-and-angular-13-web-developer-coding-bootcamp?coupon=3X6EALPK

For Live Bootcamp: https://bootcamp.manzoorthetrainer.com
Full Stack ASP.Net Core Web Development With Angular Coding Bootcamp
(12-week full-day coding Bootcamp that brings tons of confidence in you to develop any tech product)

Pre Bootcamp Day 2: Creating Portfolio With Free HTML5 and Bootstrap4 Templates With Integration of Google Contact Us Form

What you will learn:

In Pre Bootcamp: Getting your laptop ready with software installations and learning the basics of HTML and CSS

In Bootcamp:

Module 1: Use MS SQL with real-time database designing techniques, Writing complex Joins Queries, Stored Procedures, Functions, Views, Transactions, Triggers, and lot more.

Module 2: Code using C#.Net Core Programming with .Net Framework, .Net Core, And .Net Standard Libraries. Implement Inheritance, Runtime Polymorphism, dlls, Generic Collections with LINQ.

Module 3: Write data access logic using Entity Framework Core Code First Approach with Class Design Techniques Using 3 Layered Approach for accessing the database using Unit of Work, Iterator, repository, dependency injections, design patterns

Module 4: Learn Basics Of Web Development With HTML5, Bootstrap 4, JavaScript, TypeScript On Visual Studio, Various Events, Stand Alone Object/s, And JSON List.

Module 5: Implement And Consume First ASP.Net Core Web API, CRUD Operations With Entity Framework, Enhancing CRUD Operations using HttpMessageHandler, IHttpActionResult, Action Filters And Routing, Exception Handling, Dependency Injections And Identity Server For Authentication And Authorization, Cookies and JSON Web Token (JWT) based.

Module 6: Design beautiful responsive single page app UI with Angular 10: TypeScript, Angular-CLI designing Components, project structure, Observables, HttpClient, Http requests (GET, PUT, POST), Configuring headers, Interceptors, Progress events, Angular Router, Angular Modules, directives and Pipes, Reactive Forms, State management.

Module 7: Implement a live project with all the above technologies learned with google social login and our full support using all of the above technologies that you have coded. Finally, we will host it live on Azure Cloud Services.

Batch Size: 15

For more details visit https://bootcamp.manzoorthetrainer.com

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