[FULL COURSE] Design A Responsive Website In 2 Hours | Figma To HTML, CSS & JavaScript

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This is the full course on designing a complete responsive website. We will start by planning and creating the design in Figma. Then after we are done with the Figma design, we will convert the Figma design into a real website using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. If you like these videos, please click on the like button and subscribe for more.

Figma file: https://github.com/Godsont/Responsive-Homepage-2-Figma-File
Source code: https://github.com/Godsont/Responsive-Homepage-3

00:00 - Intro
00:55 - Figma Design
15:42 - Figma Animation
24:02 - Making It Responsive
35:01 - Mobile Menu Animation
40:43 - Writing The Code (Intro)
41:52 - Setting Up
46:15 - The HTML
51:49 - The CSS
1:20:36 - The Search Box
1:34:55 - Making It Responsive
Web design
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