FSMA Spotlight Series #5: Climate Resilient Sanitation in Low-Income Countries

Climate change is with us. Flood, drought and rising sea levels is already creating risks for sanitation systems – from toilets to septic tanks to treatment plants. Low-income communities are at the highest risk, often situated in low-lying areas or adjacent to waterways. Are our current technology choices the right ones, given this situation? Are our associated services like emptying resilient in times of extreme weather? Come and learn about how leading cities are addressing these challenges, and contribute to shaping the direction we all need to take to better address climate change in FSM and sanitation work.

Session facilitated by:

University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

Facilitators and Presenters:

Juliet Willetts, UTS
Jeremy Kohlitz, UTS
Freya Mills, UTS
Pierre Mukheibir, UTS
Avni Kumar, UTS
Maraita Listyasari, UNICEF
Antoinette Kome, SNV
Gift Monde, Managing Director at Southern Water & Sanitation Company, Zambia
Reuben Sipuma, Zambia Country Programme Manager, WSUP
Bon Masangcay, Independent consultant ADB
Md Tahmidul Islam, WaterAid Bangladesh

*This is the recording of a live session held during the 6th International Faecal Sludge Management Conference (FSM6), 31 May – 4 June 2021 (www.fsm6.org)
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