Front-End Web Development Tutorial for Beginners | Learn HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT

Learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript to crack your first front-end web developer interview as an absolute beginner.

----Contents of this video---
0:00:00 Promo
0:02:07 Overview
0:04:50 Introduction to HTML, CSS
1:06:15 CSS flexbox and Navbar
1:30:10 CSS Grid templates
1:59:07 CSS positioning and Grids + footers
2:19:51 re-styling forms using CSS grid
2:30:54 media queries in CSS
2:35:39 JavaScript Introduction
2:52:55 if/else condition in JS
3:09:19 looping statements in JS
3:33:46 Data Structures in JS
4:01:14 functions in JS
4:20:09 Array and string operations
5:09:36 comparing forEach v/s map method
5:14:02 DOM Manipulation and Events
5:48:09 Form Validation in JS

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Thank you and Good luck!
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